Antwerp, Churches and Tourism (TOPA)

To the visitors of the monumental churches in Antwerp

Following the injunction of the Belgian Bishops, the parish priests and the presidents of the church councils of the 5 monumental tourist churches decided to keep the doors of these churches closed from Saturday 14 March until Sunday 19 April.

No public liturgical celebrations or tourist visits will take place during this period.

This is in line with the decision of the city museums and several other cultural centres to temporarily close the doors.

With this decision they want to express a sign of responsibility and solidarity to prevent the further spread of the virus.

The Pastoral Tourism Service in Antwerp (TOPA vzw) guarantees to open up the religious heritage of the town and the Antwerp diocese, in a cultural-historical way.

In presenting our information in a scientific way we focus on the Christian iconography and symbolism and on the links with local social-cultural life.

Discover our multilingual websites and our publications about numerous monumental churches in the Antwerp diocese. They are important culture-historical and religious sources of information.

Visit our magnificent churches and be inspired by our TOPA-guides. You will be astonished at the eventful history and the rich artistry of our church patrimony.

With this website, we people from Antwerp, want to welcome you to our town in a special way.

A deeper, Christian, sense of hospitality incites us to consider our visitor not merely as an anonymous ‘tourist’, but to approach you personally as a ‘guest’.

That is why we want to welcome our visitors from a number of countries, not only with this site and a warm welcome in our churches, but extra with small books, written specially for them, highlighting the manifold relations between their country and our city of Antwerp..

Moreover we want to help you find a Christian service in our town. For Catholics the Sunday Eucharist, some in your language, and in an ecumenical spirit also the services of the Orthodox Churches, the Anglican and Protestant churches for as far as members of the Antwerp Council of Churches.

This website covers churches in the city of Antwerp.
Churches in the Campine region are covered in

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Guided Tours

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Exhibitions by or with TOPA

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Lectures by TOPA

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Night of the Churches

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The Liturgic Year

Art and Faith all year round

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Publications and Christmas cards

Publications by TOPA vzw

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TOPA? Who are We?

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Ars et Fides

Art and fath across the borders

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