Antwerp, Churches and Tourism (TOPA)

The Pastoral Tourism Service, Antwerp (TOPA) guarantees cultural-historical access to the religious heritage of the city and the diocese of Antwerp.

In our scientific and didactic information we focus on Christian iconography and symbolism and on the interwovenness with the local socio-cultural life.

Discover our multilingual websites and our publications on the numerous monumental churches of the diocese of Antwerp. If you are looking for a spiritual and/or cultural-historical interpretation of our religious art treasures, you will find what you are looking for.

Visit our beautiful churches and be guided by our motivated TOPA guides. You will be amazed by the eventful history and the rich artfulness of our ecclesiastical patrimony.

With this site, we, the people of Antwerp, would like to give you an extra welcome in our city. A deeper sense of hospitality encourages us to see our visitor not as an anonymous ‘tourist’, but as a ‘guest’. We would therefore like to welcome visitors from other countries with information specific to their country. For no less than 14 countries we have a tailor-made booklet that highlights the frequent relationships between their country and our city of Antwerp.

We would also like to help you find a suitable church service in our city: for Catholics the Sunday Eucharist, possibly in your own language, and from an ecumenical point of view also the services of the Orthodox churches, the Anglican and Protestant churches, as far as affiliated to the Antwerp Council of Churches.

This website covers the churches throughout Antwerp, including all districts.

For the churches in the Antwerp Campine region you can visit

Via the tiles below you can access the various chapters of this website.

Dear neighbours

Welcome, visitors from Great-Britain and Ireland

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Hospitality forges links

The Bible as a source of inspiration.

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Worship in in Antwerp

Praying together in Antwerp.

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Monumental Churches in Antwerp

Discover the five Monumental Churches at the heart of Antwerp

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The other Churches of Antwerp

Different, but each in its own way also monumental

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the Museums

Under construction

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the Religious statues

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Discover Herentals and its main church

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Discover Turnhout and its churches

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Discover Hoogstraten and its main church

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Dicover Lier and its main church

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Guided Tours

General information about TOPA guided tours

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Exhibitions by or with TOPA

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Lectures by TOPA

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Night of the Churches

Once a year the Antwerp churches open their doors at night...

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The Liturgic Year

Art and Faith all year round

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Publications and Christmas cards

Publications by TOPA vzw

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TOPA? Who are We?

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Ars et Fides

Art and fath across the borders

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23/11 - A virtual tour was added for the St. Andrew's Church vi...

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15/09 - Added a whole series of church descriptions. During ...

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24/08 - Sorry, this entry is only available in Dutch. For the s...

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