Our Lady’s Cathedral – Publications

Rudi Mannaerts, A key to the revelation of the Cathedral of Our Lady at Antwerp. Didactic syllabus for the guides, TOPA vzw, Antwerpen, 2000

Guide “De Kathedraal” (The Cathedral), De Kathedraal VZW, Antwerpen, 2003

Rudi Mannaerts, Claire Baisier, Guide: Our Lady’s Cathedral, vzw MKA, Antwerpen, 2008

Patrick De Rynck, The Cathedral of Our Lady in Antwerp, Ludion, Antwerpen, 2010

Dr.Ria Fabri, Dr.Nico Van Hout + co-authors, From Quinten Metsys to Peter Paul Rubens, Masterpieces from the Royal Museum back in the Cathedral, De Kathedraal VZW, Antwerpen, 2009


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