Saint James church

Responding to the call of the Belgian Bishops in connection with the coronavirus, this church will remain closed for celebrations and visits from Saturday 14 March until Sunday 19 April.

Antwerpen Sint-Jacobskerk
Antwerpen Sint-Jacobskerk

For ages “St. James” has been the Antwerp starting point for pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela and it still is.

The late-Gothic church (about 1506-1656) has an overwhelming baroque interior with 23 altars – a marble celebration – and owns a splendid art collection by artists such as Jordaens, Rubens, Van Balen. It also includes Peter Paul Rubens’s burial chapel. His parish church – Rubens’s house is only about 300m away – still breathes the grandeur of its neighbourhood of wealthy citizens, which it used to be in past times. Now it is in the middle of a student’s quarter. Recently, brilliant 16th century mural paintings have been brought to light.

Main Entrance

Lange Nieuwstraat, 73-75
2000 Antwerpen
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