Saints Michael and Saint Peter Church

Antwerpen St-Michiel & Petrus

Unique basilica church with neo-Romanesque exterior and outline and neo-Byzantine interior. Architect Frans Van Dijk was inspired by Romanesque architecture in the Dordogne (France) and by the Latin-Byzantine and early Christian churches. The tympanum was made after the example of Chartres. In spite of its lavish ornaments the church emanates austerity and quietness. The interior decoration is loaded with symbolism. Impressive polished monolithic pillars. Splendid golden mosaics, pulpit and confessionals in white Carrara and other costly marbles, mosaics, brass and granite.

Main Entrance

Amerikalei 165
2018 Antwerpen

Public Transport

Rail-1 (NMBS)
Antwerpen-Zuid (walking 1km)
Rail-2 (NMBS)
Antwerpen Centraal + tram 8 (Zuid) of 10 (Schoonselhof)
Tram (De Lijn)
8 (Montigny) 4, 10 (Bestorming)
Bus (De Lijn)
1, 13 (Bestorming) 34, 180, 181, 182, 183 (Amerikalei/Troonplaats) 30 (Waterpoort)
Biking with VELO-Antwerpen
Velo 080 Montigny (in front of the church)