Travelling, leaving home, a few hours, days, weeks, months…
It’ s every time an invitation to step out of yourself, to explore.
Look around: nature, culture, peoples, history and mankind.

It can also be an invitation to peacefully return to yourself, to find yourself again.

To this end we offer you some texts, poems, prayers for reflection.

Each text is also an invitation for reflection, meditation.

Yourself   Holiday is a mirror in which you meet yourself.
Others   When you step outside your circle, many others will come to you.
God   Also in your leisure time you will not escape Him.
Traffic   Every time safe traffic takes you far from home and brings you home again.
Aviation   God covers you with his feathers, and you find shelter underneath his wings. (Psalm 91:4)
Culture   Attention for diversity enriches your own culture.
History   Your present and future grow from the roots of the past.
Relaxation   Relaxation stretches the elasticity of your mind and body.
Nature   Nature echoes the last word of creation: “God saw that it was good”.
Family   Time for your family makes each of you good-humoured.
Service   Those who served you deserve your gratitude.