From Quinten Metsijs to Peter Paul Rubens
Masterpieces from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts back in the Cathedral

REUNION, a project from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp (KMSKA) and the Antwerp Our Lady’s Cathedral, which was planned to last from 5th June till 15th November 2009.
In this period over 175,000 native and foreign visitors saw the exhibition and showed great appreciation.

The exhibition has been prolongued till the reopening of the KMSKA. In the Museum major drastic renovations started in 2011, which will probably last till 2017.

During this period the works of art can further be exhibited “in situ”, in the place for which they were commissioned by the guilds and crafts, the town’s militias, and the brotherhoods.

After the renovations it will be easy to arrange these monumental but vulnerable altar pieces again in the rooms of the reopened Museum

Until then this exhibition is part of the standard visit tot he cathedral